Richard Mille Releases Its Most "Erotic" Watch Ever


Who knew Richard Mille had a cheeky side? The watchmaker's latest is the RM 69 Erotic Tourbillon, so named for the playful messages it holds within that express passion, sensuality and sexuality. The RM 69 itself is inspired by erotic timepieces that have survived through watchmaking history, where designers would model the mechanics of their watches after suggestive scenes and concealing it carefully to avoid detection and confiscation. Crafted with an impressive 505 components and 41 jewels, the highlight of the RM 69 is the new "Oracle" complication by Richard Mille, where the mechanism sets off the rotation of three titanium rollers on the dial, each engraved with a random, desire-charged phrase. When tapped at 10 o'clock, the watch reveals a phrase that openly declares your next romantic endeavour. Are you looking for a kiss? A steamy make out sesh? Let the RM69 decide. To make sure that the message is loud and clear – because that's kind of the point – Richard Mille's engineers have also developed a mechanism that allows the hands to break free from the geartrain so that the engraved rollers are unobstructed. Release the push piece at 8 o'clock and the hands return to their original positions. Clean, sleek and totally proper at first glance, you wouldn't expect the RM 69 to have so much character. That, we think, is what makes this such an interesting creation. We say keep the cheekiness coming, Richard Mille. [gallery ids="12020,12019,12021"]