Ivania Carpio Talks Minimal Living


Many in the industry call themselves minimalists, but few are as dedicated as Ivania Carpio. Known for her signature silver-grey hair and all-white, pared-down style, the Dutch gained international recognition and legions of followers around the world through the simple yet inspiring visuals that she posts on her blog, Love Aesthetics. It may have started out as a “style blog” – Carpio once challenged herself to wear the same white tank top for a month – but the nine-year-old space has since evolved into a platform for her to share anecdotes on minimalism as a lifestyle, from tips on surviving spaghetti dinners in an all-white ensemble to turning everyday objects into Instagram moments. The doe-eyed mother of one is also an incredible design guru – a quick scroll through her Instagram feed, where she posts snippets of her largely DIYed home, will tell you that. “Making stuff has always been second nature to me. Even as a kid, when I needed a skirt, I would cut my dresses in half; when I needed a table, I would make a table.” The creative will be launching her “own little line of products” sometime this year. Here, Carpio talks her idea of minimalism, drawing inspiration from “nothingness” and the misconception that she lives in a “white hospital”. love aesthetics family ivania lois romeo What is minimalism? To me, it is all about the essentials. Minimalism is about knowing yourself and what you want, and also about what you do not want and eliminating that from your life. It’s about holding on to the things that are functional, that you find absolutely beautiful or inspiring. That also applies to non-physical things. I don’t have any games on my phone because I don’t want to waste time doing things I don’t absolutely love. I guess minimalism is, essentially, about deciding where to put your focus. Is minimalism something that’s always been a part of you? I have always had an aversion to decadence and have always been concerned about the environment. The thought of less is more slowly started to become apparent when I got older and got to make more decisions in my life. It was a very gradual, natural process. love aesthetics diy swing1 How is minimalism applied to your daily life? Less really is more. Having a monochromatic wardrobe is amazing, I can almost pick out an outfit with my eyes closed and it’ll work. I don’t have many pieces of clothing; all of which I own are favourites. It saves a lot of time in the morning. I don’t watch the TV too and I love the fact that I do not fill my brain with news about celebrities and such. We also have less stuff to clean, less to worry about, less trends to buy into and more time and money for things like travel, dinners and going out with friends and family. What are some of your go-to sources of inspiration? Function is always a big inspiration. When I answer “nothingness” when being asked what inspires me the most, I mean the absence of anything, a void, the lack of something. It is also why I love the colour white so much – it is so devoid of everything. It goes hand-in-hand with the concept of “form follows function”, and “nothingness” automatically brings you to essential functions and uncomplicated solutions. If everything is already filled in, there is nothing left to add. Nothingness and few resources make my brain more innovative and creative. love aesthetics industrial vanity love aesthetics spring selection 0 What are some misconceptions people have about minimalists? That minimalists live restricted lives with a lot of rules, and that they live in homes that look like white hospitals. Minimalist-styled homes are inspiring to look at, but they seem to lack that homely, cosy touch somehow... Yes, I think that is such a misconception! But, the first thing that people say when they come into our home is how cosy it is. I have friends who come over for dinner but end up staying all the weekend. I think materials are very important. Make sure everything is comfortable, soft and warm. Who needs a bed when you have a super-thick mattress on the floor that looks and feels like a marshmallow? I always try to look for the essentials and get the very best versions of them possible. I wouldn’t be comfortable surrounded by loads of stuff that I won’t use anyway. Well, your home is very beautiful and Instagram-worthy. Do you have a favourite piece of furniture? Thank you! That’s a hard question to answer, because we only bring stuff that we absolutely love into our house. There’s a heavy, long glass table that sits at the end of our bed. It’s like a luxe statement in the middle of the room as it catches the light beautifully, in the morning with the sunlight and at night with a candle. It creates wonderful, geometric shadows on the walls and floor – I can go on and on about it! A good part of your home is the result of your amazing DIY abilities. Do you have a favourite project? Again, thank you – they’re all my babies! A simple coat rack and my side table are probably my favourites, because they are the most functional. A wonderful see-through desk that my boyfriend made for me comes to mind, too. Photos: Ivania Carpio