The Top 6 Trends Spotted At London Men’s Fashion Week

Here’s our guide to the key trends from the London Men’s Fashion Week Fall 2020 fashion show
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With the London Men’s Fall 2020 shows done and dusted, we’ve gathered a guide of all the standout trends from the UK capital that will come your way this winter. Notable trends include printed textiles, which appeared in various iterations, from graphic to psychedelic, with many collections similarly revealing a current need to return to our roots by focusing on the essentials: pretty cuts, precious materials, and desires vacillating between the ultra minimal and maximal. Ahead, check out the six main trends to take note of: 

The Indecisive

For the indecisive, take heart. Being indecisive is now decidedly fashionable, with outfits from the London runways sticking to more than just one camp at once - so you can be both classy and spooky at the same time. The mantra here is a mixture of codes and different aesthetic languages, with many creators, including Wander Zhou, Martine Rose, and Edward Crutchley setting themselves apart from the crowd through this state of mind. 


An Ode To Colour

If colours are what you want, colours are what you’ll get this winter. Outfits across the runways were adorned with flamboyant colours worthy of a Mondrian. We were especially inspired by the work of Bethany Williams and Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, who created silhouettes replete with colour.

 Minimal Tailoring

With a rich tradition seeped in tailoring, it’s small wonder that London has always produced refined and delightfully coutured silhouettes. This season, tailoring came in minimal forms, with Chalayan and Prononcent offering us a stripped-down, monochrome version of the male wardrobe.


A strongly rooted punk culture has always resided at the heart of London, and each season provides a fresh reinterpretation of the codes of punk. This counterculture movement is most certainly not dead - it has adapted and transcended trends, taking shape in contemporary forms, and keeping a signature style that is often theatrical and always irreverent. 

Leather everywhere, all the time

Leather proved to be the bona fide material of choice amongst British labels, which appeared in the usual trenches, blazers, and also pants and sleeveless jackets. The British brands to use this popular material include Martin Rose, Pronounce, and Wales Bonner, to name a few. 

An Obsession With Pockets

Inspired by the military uniform and all things utilitarian, the humble pocket has become a real asset to the garments of London Fashion Week. No longer discreet or purely functional, the pocket takes center stage, and is dotted everywhere from the legs, arms, stomach... to all over the body.


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