Snake Charmers

Every iteration of the serpentine motif used on the bags from Gucci Men’s Collection Cruise 2017 is pure perfection.
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Most would baulk at the idea of holding a snake, but not me. I love them! Maybe my experience as a seven-year-old carrying a reticulated python around my neck at the Singapore Zoo to pose for pictures had a lot to do with it. Snakes are such utterly beautiful creatures. And how Alessandro Michele has so elegantly incorporated them into his creations would expel the fears of any snake-hater.

What looks to be a Californian Mountain Kingsnake (lampropeltis zonata) writhes and slithers across four bags in Gucci Men’s Collection Cruise 2017. It is embossed or printed on a leather soft tote, a backpack and a duffle (which comes in black or red).

A striking motif that surfaced in Pre-Fall 2016, the kingsnake is now inextricably linked to the brand. A nonvenomous snake that mimics the livery of the deadly coral snake, it makes a perfect icon of the dualities that Alessandro Michele has imbued Gucci with: naughty and nice, old and new, elegant and lurid.

In the Chinese zodiac, the serpent is described as intelligent and intuitive. And you’d be wise to gift one of Gucci’s serpentine objects to a loved one this Christmas. 

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