Adventure Time: Levison Wood Interviewed

Grooming's a creature comfort, for sure, but Levison Wood legitimizes the importance of taking care of skin. After all, if the explorer who's walked the length of the Himalayas and the Americas prescribes SPF and moisturizer, who are we city-coddled folk to ignore it?
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Clinique's latest men's campaign is called #BehindTheFace, and it's a great move away from macho macho posturing. What it's doing instead is highlighting men with real lives and the honest need they have for straightforward and fuss-free skincare. Wood joins actor Daniel Dae Kim and photographer Jeremy Jauncey as an ambassador for the brand.


When and why did you make the decision to leave the army and take up adventuring?
I felt as though I’d done everything I’d wanted to do, and I’ve always had a bit of a creative and rebellious streak, so I felt like I wasn’t scratching that itch being in the army full-time. I’m still part of it – I’m in the reserves – so I’ve got the best of both worlds now.

What are you usually doing when you’re not off on an adventure?
Either writing, doing talks or planning the next adventure! No one day is the same, so it’s impossible to predict, but I like that every day is different. The contrast is part of my job. It’s totally bizarre and random but that’s why I like it. Occasionally I’ll have a day off but not very often!

What do you enjoy most and least about adventuring?
Mostly I like meeting new people, seeing amazing things around the world and travelling. Being away from friends and family for extended periods is often difficult, but I don’t really have much to complain about.

What’s the most impactful travel experience you’ve had?
Probably the first travels I did. I went away at 18 and had a very clichéd gap year bumming around beaches in Thailand - I just got the bug. 

Obscene! I don’t see myself like that. I’m just doing what I enjoy and if other people want to put labels on it that’s fine.

How does it feel to be all at the same time entertainment, inspiration, and a heartthrob to people? 

You balance writing, photographing, exploring and hosting your TV programme. What's your pace like this year?
I’m changing pace by doing even more – I’m doing two expeditions this year so I wouldn’t say that things are slowing down. 

Are there any expeditions or places to visit that are on your bucket list?
Papua New Guinea, Botswana and most of South America I’ve not really seen… Brazil, New Zealand... there are so many places!

What was the experience of writing your book 'Walking the Americas' like?
I really enjoy the writing process. I give myself really short, unrealistic deadlines which helps because you’ve got no choice but to get it done. There’s no time to worry about it, you just have to get on with it. It's very satisfying for me to see a finished book although it can be quite hard work.

What are your grooming essentials when you’re in the city and when you’re out on an expedition?

It doesn’t really change, I use the same core products – SPF40 for the Face, Clinique for Men Moisturising Lotion and Clinique for Men 2-in-1 Beard Conditioner. I shave a bit more when I’m at home, and wash my hair more. I definitely spend more time enjoying the shower!

Get to Know Explorer Levison Wood #BehindTheFace | Clinique For Men

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