Talk That Talk: Fiona Loh

Meet the homegrown emcee who is already making a name for herself at only 23
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If you were at our 11th anniversary party last month, chances are you have seen Fiona Loh live in action. With her flair for enlivening a crowd, she made our birthday bash that extra bit special as she hosted the party and kept us on our toes for what was next.

Having honed her skills over the last 8 years — during which she became a finalist of 987FM Radio Star 2014 — calling the 23-year-old a rising star would be a disservice. Bilingual in both English and Mandarin, Fiona has played host to a range of events, from roadshows and media launches to celebratory dinners and weddings. 

Here, she tells us more about how she landed her first gig, what she thinks are the key ingredients to being a great emcee and how she has even been trying her hand at fashion.

How did you get started with your career as an emcee? 

Back in 2009, the YOG organising committee was looking for youths to become Sport Presenters for the upcoming 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games. I took the opportunity, went for the audition and the rest is history. 

How do you usually prepare yourself for hosting an event?

I'll usually try to schedule a meeting with my clients prior to the event to go through the details — it's always easier to meet up for a chat. Then I'll do some research by myself by watching Youtube videos, reading up on the brand or event and speaking to people from the industry. I like to know a brand inside out and my audiences before going on stage, as it gives me a lot more confidence. 


What are some job perks that you get to enjoy? 

Getting firsthand information about new releases or brands coming in (please don't ask me about it, I signed NDAs!), getting to meet their brand ambassadors, and of course the occasional free stuff that my clients ever so nicely pass to me!

What is the most memorable experience of your career so far? 

Oh wow, this is a tough question. There are so many memorable experiences over the past 8 years. Of course, the defining moment was presenting at the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games. I'm also very grateful for having the opportunities to work with brands that I am a big fan of and that are a part of my life. Hosting L'Officiel's 11th Anniversary Party certainly is one of the highlights of my career! 


In your opinion, what are three qualities that every good emcee should have? 

1. A little bit of je ne sais quoi by adding your own flair. Everyone's got a different style! 

2. Being able to think on your feet because things can happen sometimes that are beyond our control.

3. Being able to make fun of yourself. 

Who are some of your idols in the industry? 

I grew up listening to Jean Danker (and also because my mom is a huge fan of hers). I love her personality and her positivity is contagious. I love Yasminne Cheng's voice, she's got great diction that I really admire. And Rosalyn Lee! Her style is so on point and I love her Instagram page because she really knows how to live life. 


Besides emceeing, what other interests do you pursue? 

I recently picked up cooking which I used to be really bad at. I cook for my friends and they validate me by polishing my dishes up. I'm also embarking on some research trips for a personal fashion project because I've been inspired by Netflix's Marco Polo (which is unfortunately cancelled now) set and costume so I'm currently collecting unique fabrics in hopes to turn them into wearable pieces.


Are there any upcoming projects that you're excited about? 

I'm excited about everything that I embark on! You can follow me on Instagram @flky to see my journey.

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