#HERPlanetEarth: An Expedition to Antarctica

An international all-female team of intrepid explorers will come together to raise awareness of climate change and gender equality
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In January 2018, five women will embark on a self-funded climbing expedition to Antarctica in an effort to raise awareness and funds for underprivileged women affected by climate change.

Under the banner of women’s advocacy group HER Planet Earth, the three-week expedition will see the team of intrepid women from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East scale the magnificient peaks of Antarctica’s untouched Heritage Mountain Range, cradled within the Ellsworth Mountains. By doing so, they aim to highlight the impact of climate change and raise S$30,000 for the United Nations' Women Lead Climate Action programmes, which empower and educate underprivileged women around Asia and engage them in environmental conservation activities.

Spearheading the expedition are two women: philanthropist Christine Amour-Levar, founder of HER Planet Earth and co-founder of Women On A Mission, and Sandra Marichal, environmentalist, polar explorer and founder of #Up2degrees. Says Amour-Levar: "Women are more vulnerable to environmental degradation and climate change but have different viewpoints, concerns and ideas for progress. Until these are taken on board, with women empowered to play a central role in decision-making at all levels, environmental sustainability will remain a distant dream.”


Antarctica was chosen as the destination due its own fight for survival. As the world’s largest desert, which is 98% covered in ice, the melt-rate of its glaciers has tripled over the last decade. Scientists predict that this will raise global sea levels by 10 centimetres, which could lead to devastating long-term effects for our planet.

"To protect Antarctica and the rest of our planet, we must inspire leaders to create change. This expedition is a challenging mission and a commitment for life to fight for environmental sustainability," – Sandra Marichal

To find out more, visit #HERPlanetEarth Antarctic Expedition website and the team’s fundraising page for the UN’s Women Lead Climate Action Programmes in Cambodia.


Image credits: Antarctic Logistics Expedition (ALE)

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