In the Mood For LOVE: Cartier

A product of the swinging Seventies, Cartier's LOVE collection remains an enduring symbol of passion that transcends time and trends
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With New York City as his muse, a young designer struck gold when he created a piece of jewellery in 1969 that has since become an enduring symbol of love for over four decades. The designer? Aldo Cipullo. His creation? Cartier's LOVE bracelet.

What makes the LOVE bracelet so iconic, even 'til today? Described as "modern love handcuffs" by Cipullo himself, the LOVE bracelet is the ultimate declaration of commitment. Some of the legendary couples of our time like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Frank and Nancy Sinatra have chosen to wear the bracelet to proclaim their love for one another – thus cementing its status as the embodiment of romance. And thanks to the universal appeal of its understated, ergonomic design, the LOVE bracelet has revolutionised the art and manner of wearing jewellery.


More than 40 years since its inception, the LOVE story continues as Cartier updates the bracelet for the 21st century. The latest version is more delicate but remains faithful to the iconic design with its wrist-hugging oval shape punctuated with the instantly-recognisable screws. And in keeping with the Maison's modern spirit, Cartier's LOVE stud earrings – in white gold, yellow gold or pink gold – make their return, featuring the iconic screw motifs.

Whether worn singly or layered on your wrist like second skin, how your LOVE story unfolds is up to you. The only question is: How far would you go for love?

Cartier: How Far Would You Go For Love?


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