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Grizzly Encounters With Hermès

After referencing majestic horses, lush forests and curious felines, La Montre Hermès delves deeper into the woods for artistic inspiration
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There are two things that make the Slim d’Hermès so compelling. The first is its sheer simplicity: The watch is slender (thanks to an in-house movement just 2.6mm high), and its dial is clutter-free and decorated only with a set of ultra-modern numerals specially created by top Parisian graphic designer Philippe Apeloig. 

The second is the room it allows for creative expression: In the two years since its debut, the dial of the Slim d'Hermès has been reimagined entirely in grand feu enamel, and has featured remarkable miniature paintings of racehorses, colourful foliage and curious felines by the industry’s most respected artisans such as Buzan Fukushima, Jean-Vincent Huguenin and Anita Porchet.

The newest Slim d'Hermès ticker to join that artistic range scores points for being the most humourous yet. Named the Slim d’Hermès Grrrrr!, it showcases the close-up of a grizzly, which first appeared on an Hermès silk scarf designed by Brit illustrator Alice Shirley.

Now, the bear makes a cheeky comeback as a miniature painting on a white gold dial. Downsizing a scarf’s artwork for a 39.5mm timepiece was no easy feat. Each layer of translucent coloured enamel is painstakingly applied by hand between stages of drying and firing until the entire portrait is finished.



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