Coachella: Wish You Were There?

In case you've been living under a rock: Coachella is a festival where people go to look fashionably hot... and catch a bit of live music. Here's our guide on being a Coachella Girl, without going to Coachella
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1. You'll need to surround yourself with friends, preferrably hot – and with good hair

Like, 20 of them, as demonstrated by Victoria's Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio and co. Get them to roughly braid their hair the night before getting together so it’ll look messy enough on the day. Below are our recommendations of tried and tested hairsprays to style your do to perfection. Real talk: if you don't actually have 20 friends, you shouldn't be going to Coachella in the first place. Oh yeah... you're not.

Photo: @alessandraambrosio

2. Make your headpieces with said friends

Friends make friends make headdresses together. This will test your patience and arts and crafts skills, but you have to do whatever it takes to look good. This is essential to the festival. Flower crowns are quite predictable and Plains Indians war bonnets are NOT okay, by the way. So take cues from your favorite designers. Try turbans, caps and some bling.

Photo: @CGBPosts

3. Get your entire bod bedazzled

Rainbow makeup is sooo 2013. You have Rihanna (yes, that's her on that pic) to thank for showing us that you can glitz your flesh and bones. While the major beauty nor fashion brands don't have it this season just yet... there will be. Try Far East Plaza if you're dying to get your hands on them but in the mean time, here's other Coachella-worthy stuff to bling yourself up. Also, are bindis used for non-cultural purposes still a thing?

Photo: @badgalriri

4. Take a road trip to some lush field for the pic

Now that you have the basics covered, drive over to Seletar (or the drier parts of Kranji) coz you’ll need some green for your photo op, duh. Depending on how delusional imaginative you are, you can pretend you’re headed to the valley. The 20min it takes is nothing compared to a 21hr flight to California plus the drive to the desert. You’ll need the perfect, breezy boho top and this should be the only point in time of you actually wearing a full top. 

Photo: @tank.sinatra



5. Always use protection and take a pic to the point of pointlessness

"Pics or it didn't happen," they say, and so we must oblige. Snap away to check off this list:

  1. Get proper sunblock for your face and body.
  2. Bring eyewear, although the UV protection stuff doesn't matter to anyone.
  3. Wear ankle boots so everyone knows you have some Music Festival Attire common sense.

Sofia Richie has it down: she's taking pics before she's even at the Valley. Also, yes, skater shoes are also acceptable.

Photo: @sofiarichie

6. Wear a crop top or bralette, because you can't enter without one

Almost equally mandatory to the skimpy denim cut-offs or sheer/slashed maxiskirts. Everything else isn’t so important, unless you actually came for the music. 

Photo: @jourdandunn



7. View the livestream, study the lineup and make sure everyone knows you've done both

Watch it here and Instagram Story, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat the hell out of yourself watching it. At every conversation, namedrop an act. As long as you remember any five acts on this year's lineup, people would still assume you went. Mention Radiohead walking off the stage and you'll get extra street cred. Still can't do it right? Memorise our list (below), which covers a mix of artists who actually stand on their merit. Everyone has to get the message: you're a fine connoisseur of fashion and music. That's supposed to be a rare thing

Photo: @kait_whiteside
Gallery photos: Coachella

All kidding aside, have fun!

Whether it’s ironic or not…Who cares?



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