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Patek Philippe's Watch Art Grand Exhibition Comes To Singapore

Patek Philippe's extensive timepiece exhibition pays special homage to Singapore and Southeast Asia this September.
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Patek Philippe's Watch Art Grand Exhibition heads to Singapore this year! The luxury watchmaker has held exhibitions in different cities previously, its last couple of stops being Dubai, Munich, London and most recently New York in 2017. This time, Patek Philippe is taking its rare exhibition to the Marina Bay Sands Theatre from 28 September to 13 October 2019. Admission is free and the exhibition boasts 10 different themed rooms in total.

Paying homage to Singapore as it hits its bicentennial, as well as to the neighbouring countries in South-East Asia, Patek Philippe brings a specially appointed exhibition complex that will include a rare selection of timepieces related to the region. Singapore's history as a trade hub is shown through a grand display of timepieces that date back to the 1800s, including a Genevan pocket watch portraying the port of Canton in miniature painting on enamel, ordered for the Chinese market back around 1830. Another unmissable highlight would be the 2 Patek Philippe watches that were owned by the King Rama V of Thailand that showcases the distinctive, cultural uniqueness of the region.

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Visitors will also get the opportunity to appreciate a wide array of rare pieces from the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva, one of the world's leading horology museums.

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An experience that's truly hard to come by, this exhibition showcases the biggest number of pieces that have ever been shipped from Geneva. The extensive range of timepieces can be found in the exhibition's Museum Room, which is split into the "Antique Collection " and "Patek Philippe Collection" departments. The "Antique Collection" showcases a panorama of horological history, featuring some of the oldest portable watches and many more - even including a drum watch made in Nuremberg all the way back in 1548.

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Meanwhile, the "Patek Philippe Collection" shows the cross section of the brand's most stunning pieces from 1839 up till date, featuring timepieces like Antoine Norbert de Patek's pocket watch from his birthday in 1842, and complex creations like the Calibre 89. 

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Tickets for the exhibition can be purchased here



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