Stars Spotted at Bottega Veneta Korea Galleria Reopening

by L'Officiel Singapore
A star-studded event attended by the who's who of Korea's entertainment scene

Earlier this month, Bottega Veneta celebrated the reopening of its Korea Galleria boutique in Seoul with a star-studded cocktail event attended by the who's who of Korea's entertainment scene. Notable guests included Son Na-Eun from K-pop group A-Pink, Kim Sun Ah, Jung Woo-sung, Cha Ye Ryun, Joo Sang-wook, Zico, Ha Jung-woo, and Kim Sa-rang. 


Sarang Kim (1).jpg
Kim Sa-rang
Naeun Sohn (1).jpg
Naeun Sohn (2).jpg
Son Na-eun
Suna Kim (2).jpg
Kim Sun Ah
Jungwoo Ha (2).jpg
Ha Jung-woo
ZICO (2).jpg
Yeryun Cha_Sangwook Ju (1).jpg
Cha Ye Ryun and Joo Sang-wook
Woosung Jung (1).jpg
Jung Woo-sung
DJ-Kibum Kim (1).jpg
Sarang Kim (4).jpg
ZICO (3).jpg
Yeryun Cha_Sangwook Ju (1).jpg
Suna Kim (1).jpg

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