Fendi's F is For... Kicks Off in NYC

by Shairah Thoufeekh
Forget the runway shows. The hottest ticket of the NYFW season? Fendi's inaugural F IS FOR party

Let it be known: Fendi knows how to throw a party.

The Italian fashion house kicked off New York Fashion Week in racuous style with a launch party of its new digital platform, F IS FOR...last week. The star-studded bash (or rather, "a one-night voyage where digital meets reality") at the Fulton Market Building saw all the hottest millennials in attendance: top models Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls (to name a few), social media stars Presley Gerber, Kenya Kinsky-Jones, Sofia Richie, and rapper A$AP Rocky. In a nutshell: the who's who of the YOLO crowd.

Hightlights of the all-immersive party experience included a photo booth inspired by Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana, lit-up by neon arches, colourful looping videos, performances and DJ sets by Abra, Metro Boomin, Jenny FTS, Jamie Jones, and Peggy Gou.

Kendall Genner and Bella Hadid@FisForFendi NY event_atmosphere.jpg
Guests@FisForFendi NY event_atmosphere.jpg
Guest@FisForFendi NY event_atmosphere.jpg
People@FisForFendi NY event_atmosphere_04.jpg
People@FisForFendi NY event_atmosphere_05.jpg
Guests@FisForFendi NY event_atmosphere_09.jpg
Guests@FisForFendi NY event_atmosphere_06.JPG
Guests@FisForFendi NY event_atmosphere_04.JPG
Guests@FisForFendi NY event_atmosphere_05.JPG
People@FisForFendi NY event_atmosphere_06.jpg
People@FisForFendi NY event_atmosphere.jpg
People@FisForFendi NY event_atmosphere_02.jpg
People@FisForFendi NY event_atmosphere_09.jpg
People@FisForFendi NY event_atmosphere_07.jpg
08_Presley Gerber @ FisForFendi NY event_booth 3.jpg
13_Chantelle Winnie @ FisForFendi NY event_booth 3.jpg
Guests@FisForFendi NY event_lift.jpg
Kenya Kinski-Jones @FisForFendi NY event_lift.JPG
Leonetta Luciano Fendi@FisForFendi NY event_lift_03.jpg
Lexi Boling@FisForFendi NY event_lift.jpg
Brittany Byrd @FisForFendi NY event_atmosphere.JPG
Joan Smalls and Lily Donaldson@FisForFendi NY event_atmosphere.JPG
Guests@FisForFendi NY event_atmosphere_03.JPG
Daniela Braga@FisForFendi NY event_atmosphere.JPG
Lily Donaldson@FisForFendi NY event_atmosphere.JPG
Vanessa Moody@FisForFendi NY event_atmosphere.JPG
Guests@FisForFendi NY event_atmosphere_08.JPG

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