‘Don’t Pressure Me’ By Rajul Mehta Opens at ION Art Gallery

'Don't Pressure Me' is an exploration of the burdens faced by women in their everyday lives

Singapore artist Rajul Mehta's solo exhibition, ‘Don’t Pressure Me’, opened on 19 April at ION Art Gallery.

Presented by Amador Art Projects, 'Don't Pressure Me' is a show about the quotidian burdens and pressures of women leading different lives. It evinces the clock-work like schedules women face on an everyday basis, and the expectations laid on different women to conduct themselves in particular ways, to undertake various roles, and to maintain relationships.

The opening was a great success. The artist said, "After two years of intense pressure, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and humbled by everyone's presence. The support I felt made me feel truly humbled."

'Don't Pressure Me' by Rajul Mehta is showing at ION Art Gallery until 23 April. 

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