Here’s How To Get That Perfect Highlighter Glow, According to Makeup Artist Nam Vo

The creator of the "dewy dumpling" look tells us how we can get that perfect highlighter glow that will withstand heat and humidity
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Trends in beauty come and go, but if there was anything that has withstood the test of time, it’s  the strive for dewy, radiant complexions. And who better than the Queen of glow herself, Nam Vo, to dish out her own secrets to glowy skin? 

The makeup artist and creator of the “dewy dumpling” look - that is, dewy, incandescent skin that seems to glow from within, has over 10 years in the beauty limelight, spanning across  fashion, editorial, celebrity and beauty campaigns, and an active and growing instagram page (330k followers and counting!) that is littered with images of a flawless, otherworldly glow.


Despite her penchant for layering over highlighters, she maintains that good skin is the best way to achieve a dewy look. “I always tell people rather than creating the “illusion” of good/dewy skin, invest in your skin and it will be naturally glowy rather than masking it with makeup," she says.

Here, we get tips from her on how to achieve that lit-from-within glow, the highlighters she uses, her best beauty advice, and finally, achieving healthy social media usage.

Current skincare routine 

"I dew it all. I cleanse, tone, use essences, serums, moisturizer and eye cream, topped with SPF protection."

Best beauty advice

"To stay out of the sun, and of course wear SPF."



Best way to apply highlighter

"Some highlighters I apply with my fingers, some with a brush, and some I apply straight from the tube. Some of my favourites are Becca Champagne Pop (S$60), Iconic London Liquid Illuminator (S$54), and Chanel Balm Essencial (S$69)."


Makeup tips for letting glowy makeup stay on longer despite heat and humidity 

“Blotting and just using a fine powder to matte out the t-zone where you need it. I often just wear concealer where I need coverage and Supergoop! Glowscreen SPF 40 (S$55) , which has amazing staying power.”



SG_GlowScreenSPF40_50ml copy.tifbecca.jpg12539376-1344764766845912.jpgbaume-essentiel-multi-use-glow-stick-sculpting-0-28oz--packshot-default-169060-8832770867230.jpg

A holiday makeup look for Christmas

“Dewy dumpling skin and maybe some sparkle on the eyes, and if I am feeling wild, a statement matte lip.”


Finally, tips on social media usage...

“I think social media can be really fun and a great way to share and engage with your friends, and followers, it can also be quite depleting :(. I try to be more mindful about how much time I spend scrolling, I have my timer set at 1 hour and 20 mins per day, sometimes I stick to that and sometimes I do not, since COVID unfortunately I have spent more time on the phone. Another thing I have done, which really helps, is that at 9:30pm I put my phone in another room and I think it’s made me sleep much more peacefully.”



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