The Westminster Dog Show Sparks Memes and Joy for Dog Lovers

Be still, my heart.
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The Westminster Dog Show has just begun and it’s already producing a glorious amount of memes one would expect from an event of this magnitude.  Rudy the bulldog is the internet’s newest pet-project, generating responses from dog lovers and bulldog owners alike, voicing their surprise about Rudy’s capabilities in the agility category, as bulldogs are a breed notorious for their lazy nature and genetic makeup, both of which make for a surprising candidate in Rudy.

Although the world of dog showing is no stranger to mockery (see Best in Show), it still turns out a significant amount of viewers each year for what is hailed as the crown jewel of the show circuit.  One of the notable meme-d dogs to come out of this year’s Westminster Dog Show is Cap’n Crunch the Great Dane, who was caught yawning waiting for the Meet the Breeds event to begin.  Another pooch hailed for his big personality and tiny sunglasses was Talos the Rottweiler, who can be seen being photographed at the Rottapalooza booth.

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