This Taiwanese Couple In Their 80s Are Instagram’s Latest Fashion Influencers

They've taken to modelling other people’s forgotten laundry
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Meet Hsu Husiu-e and husband Chang Wan-ji, who are a Taiwanese couple operating a laundry in Central Taiwan for the past 70 years. Over the decades, various clothing items, from skies, socks, shirts, and suits have been left behind by forgetful patrons who have used their services.

And now, they have become an overnight instagram hit for modelling these clothes left behind by past customers. The couple’s grandson, Reef Chang, convinced them to pose in the clothes left behind, and posted it on social media, where they are dressed in hipster garbs over a backdrop of their laundromat.

Their instagram account, handled by Reef, has amassed over 606 thousand followers at time of writing, drawing fans from all over the world at a time of a global pandemic. Upbeat, and an excellent source of inspiration for outfit pairing and matching, this may just be the perfect resource for those days when you just don’t know what to wear or pick out. 

From pencil skirts combined with All Stars converse, a matching beige suit with glitzy sunglasses and platform sneakers with fanny packs: this couple is certainly a style inspiration. 

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