New Ways of Seeing: Episode 2

In the second episode of New Ways of Seeing – Tiffany & Co.’s five-part video series on contemporary art – artists Miranda July, Edgar Arceneaux, Amanda Ross-Ho and Catherine Opie shares their experiences showing at Whitney Biennial in New York.
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Earlier this week, we premiered the first episode of Tiffany & Co.’s five-part video series on contemporary art, titled “Art Contains Multitudes”. In the three-minute short, jovial art critic Jerry Saltz discusses the evolution of art in relation to period in which they are created and viewed with three young artists. If you’ve not seen it, pop in here for a look.

Continuing the conversation on art viewership, the second episode, titled “Through the Whitney Biennial Lens”, takes us to the Tiffany & Co.-sponsored art event in New York through the experiences of four provocative artists. In the lighthearted film, Miranda July talks to fellow Biennial artists Edgar Arceneaux, Amanda Ross-Ho and Catherine Opie about their installations at the longest running survey of contemporary art in America (while dressed up as Gertude Vanderbilt Whitney, founder of the Biennial).

Exhibiting at Whitney Biennial, as you'd expect, is delightfully nerve-wrecking for these artists. Arceneaux told July how “(his) head was spinning” when he got The Call; Amanda Ross-Ho revealed it was “super secretive” and Opie said she was “really nervous”. Most of all, the scripted video highlighted the artists’ shared sense of inclusion in a bigger community and conversation, and how it provided an important platform that elevated their work.

Watch this space for the third episode, which will be premiered exclusively in Singapore on L’Officiel Singapore in February 2017.

Tiffany & Co. - New Ways of Seeing: Episode 2, "Through the Whitney Biennial Lens" with Miranda July



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