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The young actress may have played lead in one of the creepiest supernatural horror movies of the year, but she reveals that very little scares her
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The horror flick Annabelle: Creation gripped audiences the world over, and young star Talitha Bateman who played the lead role of Janice has been stealing the show from the red carpet at the movie’s premieres. While the idea of murderous possessed dolls has given most audiences the shivers, and she appeared in the sci-fi horror The Hive, the American actress says very little scares her. 


You recently celebrated your sweet 16th!

It was a great day. My morning started out with a family tradition that my father started with my oldest sister on her first birthday. For each year of our age, we are given a rose on our birthday. This continues until we are married, at which point the spouse is supposed to continue the tradition as a sign of love and honour. The rest of the day was fantastic. My family and I played board games and then we went to an escape room. And we escaped with plenty of time left to spare!

Has being a child actor forced you to grow up before your time?

Not really. I’ve been raised in a non-traditional family environment [three of her eight siblings are also actors], so becoming an actress and living in the adult world was not much different for me. I’ve only been acting for about three-and-a-half years, so I didn’t start as a young child. Probably the toughest thing a child actor faces is the level of rejection that we are frequently exposed to through the auditioning process. Without strong moral support from my family, keeping me focused on what really matters in life, I would not be who I am today.


If not acting, what do you see yourself doing in five years?

I know it sounds silly but I would love to be a professional babysitter.


What was the best on-set experience you've had since you started acting?

This is an impossible question. I’ve had so many wonderful experiences that I can’t pick one. One of my favourite things about Annabelle Creation is how well we all got along both on and off set. It’s so wonderful when you establish lifelong relationships. I have made friends on every project that I could I pick up the phone and call right now.

What gives you serious creeps?

There’s not really a lot of creeps me out. I’m pretty much not afraid of anything now. But when I was really little I had a fear of big creepy rabbits like the one in Donnie Darko. It’s a bit ironic that now I have a pet bunny, Junie (right). I thought he was a girl bunny and named him Jupiter, but renamed him after finding out he was a boy!


Anything keeps you up at night?

Sometimes I suffer from insomnia because I have a tendency to overthink things as I’m trying to go to sleep. Also, my whole life I’ve had night terrors, but the funny thing is I don’t ever remember them.

What is your favourite…

Food: FRUIT!!

City: I’ve always wanted to go to Dublin.

Animal: I can’t pick, but I do love the Arctic Fox.

Singer/band: Daughter

TV series: Black Mirror and Game of Thrones. Sometimes I marathon, but for really deep programming, I like to let each episode digest.

Movie you’ve watched all year: Probably Logan. I love that film.



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