Gucci's Latest Chime for Change Project Is All About Coming Together

The new global campaign is spreading awareness in the forms of a short film and zine.
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Gucci has always been known to usher in new eras when it comes to fashion. From the everlasting impact of Tom Ford’s “Porno chic” era to the But a Gucci revolution isn’t just limited to clothing and accessories. Back in 2013, they launched Chime For Change, a global campaign (of which Beyoncé and Salma Hayek are co-founders) made to empower and give a voice to girls and women all over the world. CFC is now taking on another important issue: celebrating the community of global voices speaking out for gender equality and self-expression through creative outlets. One, a short film titled The Future is Fluid (directed by Jade Jackman and produced by Irregular Labs), which just made its debut at Sundance, and a new zine dubbed CHIME, edited by activist Adam Eli and creative directed by MP5, available now. 



“Every person is created equal,” Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele told WWD. “We all have the power to use our voices to stand up for what we believe in.”

With a focus on health, education, and social justice, Michelle believes this new initiative has the power to provoke real change when people across communities and generations come together for the common goal. “When we gather together across generations and communities, we have the opportunity to create real change. The fearlessness of this generation to express themselves gives me hope that a future of freedom and equality is possible.”

Similarly, Gucci’s president and chief executive Marco Bizzarri remains optimistic that this new project for Chime For Change will usher in a fair world full of opportunities for all. “Achieving gender equality is critical to securing our collective future, and we are dedicated to leveraging our creative power, global employee engagement, and support for nonprofit projects to ignite conversation and help empower the next generation of leaders," he has said. The project comes at a crucial time, one where gender equality is not only a trending issue but a necessity more than ever. No doubt the growing international movement will work towards ensuring that voices are heard and that the next generation of leaders is inspired to create more beneficial and effective change. Hear! Hear!



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