Find An Original Takashi Murakami At This Scavenger Hunt And It's Yours To Keep

For 48 hours, 20 works from 20 artists will be hidden in Paris' Grand Palais for visitors to uncover and bring home, including an original Takashi Murakami
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If you've ever wanted an original Takashi Murakami work, you’re in luck. The Perrotin Gallery is hiding 20 works from 20 different artists, including Takashi Murakami, in the Grand Palais for attendees to hunt down and, when they do, take home. The project, entitled “Wanted!”, promises to be the most exclusive, and valuable, scavenger hunt in Paris. 

Organised by the Art is Yours initiative, entry is free, although highly limited. During the 50 minutes of reserved time, 500 guests have the opportunity to uncover works from artists including Takashi Murakami, Emily Mae Smith and Elmgreen & Dragset. The 17 other artists are also represented by Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, who described this event as a “gift to the city of Paris… a moment of solidarity and joy”. In what has been a strange and unique time for the art industry, and worlds beyond, this interactive event promises to celebrate the ways in which art brings people and places together, with lofty reward. 

The rules outlined in the event's announcement are simple: if you find the artwork, you take it home with you. The scavenger hunt will unfold over 48 hours from Saturday, October 24 to Sunday, October 25 and promises to invite an enthusiastic crowd. 

With the Grand Palais set to close next year for renovations, this exclusive contemporary art experience provides a memorable celebration of the historic space as it stands today. 

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