Elle Fanning Does An 18th Century Pregnancy Reveal

The actress was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance on the show's first season
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Elle Fanning has won her first Golden Globe nomination for her performance as Catherine in the series "The Great". And now, in a different kind of pregnancy bump, she has shocked her fans by posting an image of her character on the show for the second season.

In the image posted on Instagram, Elle appears in an 18th-century corset - and a pregnant belly with a caption: "cooking up something special for season 2".  Not only in the style of a celebrity pregnancy reveal, but period dressing has witnessed a resurgence lately, what with homemade bustiers dotting Instagram and Tiktok, and the hype around period dramas such as Bridgerton at its highest. 


In the real story on which the series is based, it is set almost a decade after the marriage of Catherine and Peter III, where welcomed their first child, son Paul I, in 1754. The child, however,  is rumoured to be the father of the Russian military officer  Sergei Saltykov.

Anyway, the second season doesn't even have a release date set yet, but we are already looking forward to it!



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