Who Else Is Left? Another Major Character Will Not Appear in the 'Sex and the City' Reboot

The new series "Just for a Moment" will catch up with the New York City ladies as they settle into their 50s.
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Fans of Sex and the City were overjoyed when HBO Max announced the show's revival last December, however, one of the biggest characters will not be making a cameo. According to Page Six, Chris Noth's character Mr. Big will not appear in the series, titled Just for a Moment. Big, as many remember, was the longtime love of Sarah Jessica Parker's character Carrie Bradshaw. The elusive playboy won her heart back after seasons of turmoil in Paris in the series finale and eventually walked down the aisle with her in the first SATC movie. While it's unclear how his absence will be explained on the show, super fans may recall that the script for the long lost third film began with Big dying of a heart attack. However, as in time of writing, the show has not revealed any details related to Big or Carrie's storylines.

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Page Six also reported that David Eigenberg will also not reprise his character as Miranda Hobbes' husband, Steve Brady, however, a source claims the actor is in talks to appear in the series.

News of the confirmed cast members comes on the heels of the show's announcement that Kim Cattrall, one of the four main characters of the franchise, will not return as Samantha Jones. Rumors of Cattrall and Parker's contentious relationship have been circulating since the show's original run, and Cattrall has openly discussed their feud.

TVLine spoke with HBO Max's Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys about how the show will address Samantha's absense. "Just as in real life, people come into your life, people leave,” explains Bloys. “Friendships fade, and new friendships start. So I think it is all very indicative of the real stages, the actual stages of life."

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