The Foolproof Method To Easy Smokey Eyes

By Candice Chua
Mon, 28 Sep 2015

No thanks to the haze that has been clouding our skies of late, I found myself confined indoors over the weekend with little but the latest season of Dance Moms and random episodes of Rupaul’s Drag Race to keep me entertained. As I marveled at the moms and queens and their remarkable ability to apply on performance-level makeup like it was nothing – and then reflecting on my own lack of ability to do anything remotely similar – I wondered if there was an easier way to do a strong eye without the layering and blending of copious amounts of eyeshadow. It’s fun, but it’s a pain to remove and it just takes too much out of me. Maximum effect with minimal effort is what I want. Alas, YSL Beauty comes to my aid like the Fairy Godmother to my Cinderella.

In the latest of its tutorial series, YSL Beauty demonstrates how to recreate that edgy, cool-girl-from-the-club look à la Edie Campbell in the Black Opium campaigns. The face is kept simple with the drama left mostly to the eyes. Creative director Lloyd Simmons first lines the lids and waterline with Couture Kajal N°1 and blends it with the Eye Blender Brush. You don’t even have to be neat about it. He then tops it off with Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils N°1 to emphasize the lashes. That’s seriously all there is to it; three steps that takes you two minutes, tops. It’s not a full-on smokey eye, but it’s still pretty dramatic. Maximal effect with minimal effort. We are sold.

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