The 8 Best Products For Natural-Looking Strong Brows

By Joie Goh
Wed, 23 Sep 2015

Move over, crazy Cara caterpillars and drawn-with-a-crayon K-Pop ruler-straights. This season, we’re embracing polished, just-right- for-you brows, perfectly drawn in with not a strand out of place.

  • Tarte Amazonian Colored Clay Tinted Brow Gel in Black Brown, S$35
    The waterproof gel formula actually reduces the surface oil on your brows, so the pigment stays on for longer without sliding off in hot, humid weather.
  • Shu Uemura Brow:Sword, S$53
    The brand’s signature flat-edged hard formula brow pencil is finally in a pre-shaped, retractable format so you don’t have to constantly head down to the counters for the pencil to be sharpened by an expert.
  • Browhaus Classic Brow Lead, S$17.90
    Amp up sparse brows and fill up gaps with feathery strokes, thanks to the fine pencil tip. Bonus: despite its soft texture, it lasts through a sweaty hot yoga session.
  • 3CE Eyebrow Mascara in Gold Brown, S$16
    Did a Soojoo and bleached your hair platinum, and now your brows are startlingly black? Brush on a coat of this K-beauty standard so the carpet matches the drapes (we won’t tell anyone else).
  • Eyeko Brow Gel, S$32
    If you have unruly brows, or have brow hairs that grow downwards instead of outwards, this lightly tinted brow gel is a godsend. It conditions without looking unnatural, and freezes every strand in place.
  • Stila's Stay All Day Brow Gel in Blonde with Brush, S$48
    The squeeze-tube format of this gel-based eyebrow tint minimises messiness, and the specially-shaped brush picks up just the right amount to paint on the perfect brow.
  • Kate Lasting Eyebrow W, S$23.50
    Draw in the shape of your brows with precision with the pencil end, and then fill in and soften the lines with powder from the sponge applicator on the opposite side.


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