#TeamLoff #GuideGuide: The Coolest Ray-Ban Spectacles

The humble aviators sunglasses gets an optical makeover.

By Evon Chng
Wed, 28 Dec 2016


Prescriptive or not, there’s been a long, perennial obsession when it comes to optical glasses – the masculine, oversized frame types that looked like something you’ll inherit from the wardrobe of a stylish, well-travelled Grandpa. Brown tones or retro tortoiseshell details are optional, but shiny gold hardware are definitely preferred for that modern touch.


Meet the RX6049 in 2500, a timeless, aviator-style spectacle that answers all our optical demands and is arguably the white t-shirt of eyewear. Unlike fashion accessory of other kind, it’s versatile enough to stand on its own without calling for too much attention. The structured, oversized metal frames also gives an illusion of a smaller face and larger eyes, giving us more reasons to splurge on eye makeup and load up on coats of mascara.


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