#TEAMLOFF #GIFTGUIDE: Natura Bissé Pure Air Bubble Facial

The gift of good skin comes in the form of the Pure Air Bubble facial, a spa treatment that until now was the exclusive benefit of MET gala attendees.

By Gordon Ng
Thu, 15 Dec 2016
Adeva Spa's Natura Bissé Pure Air Bubble

Adeva Spa’s Natura Bissé Pure Air Bubble

Give the gift of good skin and luxurious pampering this season with the Pure Air Bubble facials from Adeva Spa this Christmas. Spanish skincare brand Natura Bissé has this trademarked bubble treatment space, which looks like an otherworldly orb on the outside and feels downright sci-fi on the inside. The point of it is a space of super purified air where your skin can breathe easy and rest free from pollution.

It’s only here for the month of December, and I had the chance to try the treatment out. I was excited because of two things: first, the prospect of sanctuary from urban pollution and the surreal promise of 99.995% purified air; and secondly, the fact that this exact facial is the one used by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York for their red-carpet guests for its yearly gala. You know, the fashion extravaganza that gave us moments like Rihanna in an out-of-this-world Guo Pei haute couture creation. So it was good to know that I’d be receiving similar facial benefits as the attendees on the MET gala’s guest list.

The facial I got was similar to the one we reviewed previously (read it in our November issue!), with the addition of LED and radio frequency machines to boost skin absorption. The LED therapy came in the form of a slightly daunting mask (think Hannibal Lecter’s mask… albeit with the promise of well-absorbed product) which was used to boost the efficacy of the Natura Bissé products from the Diamond Range. The radio-frequency was used to stimulate and excite my skin cells into producing its own collagen and elastin – necessary for smooth and supple skin.

Most importantly though was the sensation of walking into a bubble, having the small slit of a door zipped behind me, then being bathed in the sound of mechanical breathing. Obviously, the filtration and purification machine was at work. But as I lay down on the treatment bed and stared up at the white canvas roof of the bubble, I felt at complete ease with the knowledge that my skin – and lungs – were getting the best.

The walk-out results shouldn’t surprise you. Dewy, supple, soft, radiant skin. Combine those promises with the novel fun of a slightly surreal setting, and you’ve got yourself something more than a facial – it’s an experience. I think it would make a great gift this season for yourself and, yes, loved ones too.

The Pure Air Bubble will be available at Adeva Spa at Paragon from 1 Dec till 31 Dec 2016. Natura Bissé’s Diamond Life Infusion Ritual in the Bubble starts from $188.

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