#TeamLoff #GiftGuide: Gucci’s Blind for Love

Feast your eyes on this one.

By Allysha Nila
Fri, 02 Dec 2016


There’s usually little content during the Cruise seasons, but that’s not true with Gucci. Its new limited edition book, published by Assouline, is packed with beautifully shot behind-the-scenes content.


See through the eyes of British artist and photographer Nick Waplington as he follows creative director Alessandro Michele and team prepare the Cruise 2017 collection at Westminster Abbey, where it was staged. Hint: there’s lots and lots a


It comes with a slipcase and Queen Elizabeth I fronts the cover — and there’s only 1000 copies available. We might not be blind for love, but we’re willing to go blind for Gucci. Although that in itself would be an epic tragedy.

Go get it now at Assouline.

P.S. If you’re in London on the 4th or in New York on the 8th, go to their store to get your copy signed by Waplington himself.

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