#TeamLoff #GiftGuide: Gucci Embroidered Keychains

For my last post, I said Christmas wasn't about giving — it's about receiving. How selfish.

By Allysha Nila
Fri, 30 Dec 2016


It’s the end of 2016 and since I’ve had the time alone to reflect the past 365 days, I’ve concluded: eh, why not give? Do unto others as others unto you, right?

The answer, by the way, is of course. Don’t be like me this year. A friend of mine actually bought me a book that I’ve been eying for two months… Only I didn’t get him anything since I don’t celebrate Christmas. Then again, he doesn’t either, so what’s my excuse?

I was delighted by the surprise, but ashamed of my thoughtlessness. So selfish.

It’s a little funny that how we show care, thankfulness through purchases. But there is undeniably joy in that for both the giver and receiver, if you put in a bit of thought.

So take my word: if by some miracle you’re not broke from festivities, gift them something back. Not out of obligation, but because they’re actually sweet enough to have been very thoughtful. Get them a realistic gift that doesn’t make them feel like they owe you, or signal that you couldn’t be bothered. Make them feel valued, special even.


And I can’t think of anything more special than Gucci embroidery. Everyone’s in love with it. With a wild assortment ranging from Spaniels to tigers, bees to flowers, how could you not? There’s something for everyone. But so often, they’re only sewn onto bags, jackets — large items that you don’t necessarily want to give away.


Now, Alessandro Michele brings you bite-sized delights. The embroidered keychains from Gucci will save your life and relationships. The threads are sewn onto leather, chained to metal hardware. Grab ’em and give ’em.

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