Precious Talisman: Lucky Dior Signet Rings

French couture house Dior has released a line of seven signet rings that are destined to adorn the fingers of generations to come.

By lofficiel
Wed, 31 Aug 2016
Lucky Dior Signet Rings
Lucky Dior 'Bee' pattern mini ring in metal with pink gold finish and onyx
Lucky Dior 'Lily Of The Valley' pattern ring in metal with rhodium finish and pink quartz
Lucky Dior 'Clover' pattern ring in metal with rhodium finish and amazonite
Lucky Dior 'Rose' pattern ring in metal with gold finish and lapis lazuli
Lucky Dior 'Star' pattern ring in metal with gold finish and tiger eye
Lucky Dior 'Oval' pattern ring in metal with gold finish and fluorite
Lucky Dior 'CD' signature pattern ring in metal with gold finish and coral paste

As far as heirlooms go, few are quite as chic as the Lucky Dior line of signet rings. This season, the collection of rings is imbued with more tradition and meaning. Designed to represent the days of the week – one for each day – the seven different combinations of shapes, natural stones and motifs are talismans that reflect Dior iconic imagery.


A term Christian Dior affectionately calls his busy team of seamstresses, the bee is a symbol of their hard work and dedication to the atelier. The little black and yellow insect is now the insignia of Dior Homme collections, and has been applied to this signet ring over a deep black onyx to bring strength and vitality to its user.

Lily of the Valley

A favourite of the designer’s for its scent and femininity, the flower was regarded as a symbol of happiness associated with the arrival of spring and haute couture. He used to sew a dried sprig to the hem of each of his dresses, and can now be found set within the pale rose quartz that represents love.


The symbol of luck was always with Monsieur Dior every day in the cluster of charms that he kept tucked away in his pocket, much like an amulet. This iteration, set with a brilliant green amazonite, is designed to inspire confidence.


Perhaps of most significance to him, the rose was not only a tribute to his childhood garden in Granville, but also a representation of the love he had for his mother, who constantly inspired him in his taste for flowers and feminine elegance. The delicate flower is finely drawn on a navy blue lapis to portray wisdom.


The star has been a recurring motif throughout Dior’s collection of high jewellery. As a young couturier, he chanced upon the symbol laying on the ground during a crucial time as he was preparing to make a life-changing decision. The star has since become a spiritual aid that inspired him to follow his path. The lucky charm is paired with tiger eye, a radiant brown stone with protective properties.


Inspired by the medallion-backed chairs he used to seat guests at his shows, the oval, topped with a fontages bow is now a house code for its femininity and sensuality. You’ll find the motif on perfume bottles, in boutiques and now on a signet ring over an elegant plum fluorite that provides protection and harmony


Now synonymous with Dior, the initials “CD” are stamped into a bright red coral and is quite simply, the perfect emblem of the house.

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