Rise Of The British It Girl: 3 Questions With Suki Waterhouse

Cover Exclusive 3 Questions With Suki Waterhouse 1

Suki Waterhouse was a self-professed tomboy before making her foray into the fashion scene. An avid rock climber who competed in karate tournaments nationally, she certainly didn’t leave a stylish impression on her first go-see at the age of 16. “I went in my mom’s trainers and baggy pants,” the 22-year-old recalls. “The casting director told me I should start dressing like a girl.”

While her personal life often makes headlines (she’s Hollywood leading actor Bradley Cooper’s alleged ex squeeze), it’s her style today that often turns heads. Opting for a '60s mod chic toughened with a nonchalant air, Waterhouse’s signature swing coat and vertiginous shoes has got the fashion world hot on her heels.

L'Officiel Singapore's April cover star reveals her ever-changing style and share details on her nerve-wrecking catwalk debut for Burberry in this exclusive cover interview.  


Cover Exclusive 3 Questions With Suki Waterhouse 2

How would you best describe your style and how does it define your personality?

New things inspire me – I guess my style reflects my mood and vibe. At the moment, I’m wearing chokers, crochet tops and shawls and feeling like Drew Barrymore in the ’90s.

You have recently made your catwalk debut for Burberry Prorsum’s Fall-Winter ’14 collection. What was it like walking for the show?

Crazy, really exciting and nerve-wrecking. I kind of want to do it again now. It is such a dream come true. I know it sounds cheesy, but it was always what I wanted to do from the start.

You model, act and sing. What’s in the pipeline for you in 2014?

My first feature film will be released. I’ll be working more on my music and I have an exciting new campaign coming out.

For the full interview, grab the April 2014 issue of L'Officiel Singapore out in newsstands soon! 

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