Miley Cyrus and M.A.C Need Your Help

By Candice Chua
Sat, 12 Sep 2015

Miley Cyrus may make some questionable wardrobe choices, but when it comes to humanitarian efforts and social causes, you can’t deny that the girl’s got a big heart. The entertainer has teamed up with M.A.C for the second time to promote the Viva Glam collection, one committed to the support of diverse programmes that raise HIV/AIDS awareness and people around the world affected by it. Comprising a super-sexy bright orange lipstick (S$31) and matching lip glass (S$31), all of the proceeds from the sale of the collection will be directed to the M.A.C AIDS Fund.

miley-cyrus-viva-glam-2015-1Miley Cyrus fronts the M.A.C Viva Glam campaign. (Photo: M.A.C)

miley-cyrus-viva-glam-2015-2The limited edition Viva Glam by Miley Cyrus 2 collection. (Photo: M.A.C)

Since its creation in 1994, the M.A.C AIDS Fund has generated more than US$380 million through the sale of Viva Glam products. If you think that your purchase of one lipstick won’t be able to do much for the cause, think again. According to M.A.C, the sale of each product is enough to fund medicine for five newborn babies that will prevent the transmission of HIV from their mothers, a six-month supply of fish oil supplements for a HIV victim or HIV tests for 14 pregnant women. In this case, a little really goes a long way. We’re all for shopping that properly benefits a good cause. The limited edition Viva Glam by Miley Cyrus 2 collection is available in stores now.

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