Louis Vuitton Returns to High Jewellery With ‘Bloom’

Seven years after making its debut in high jewellery, Louis Vuitton returns to its most significant source of inspiration – the monogram flower.

By Kenny Loh
Wed, 11 Jan 2017
Louis Vuitton Blossom
White gold ring with a 6.59ct opal and diamonds.
Louis Vuitton Blossom
The four-petal monogram flower inspired both the Blossom fine and high jewellery collections. White gold ring with a 1.96ct Merelani tsavorite garnet, diamonds, onyx and lacquer.
Louis Vuitton Blossom
Necklaces are statement-making but not over the top. White gold necklace with a 43.05ct beryl, chalcedonies and diamonds.
Louis Vuitton Blossom
The brilliance of the gemstones is enhanced when juxtaposed with black onyx. White gold earrings with spessartite garnets, onyx and diamonds.
Louis Vuitton Blossom
White gold earrings with spinels, opals and diamonds.
Louis Vuitton Blossom

A striking gemstone is set at the heart of every piece in Louis Vuitton’s new Blossom high jewellery range.

There can never be too many florals at Louis Vuitton, especially when its emblem, the four-petal monogram flower, is one of the most sought after in modern-day luxury. Created by Vuitton’s son Georges in 1986 to brand his luggage, the easily recognisable motif has been translated through the decades as prints on the French label’s popular travel goods as well as the tourbillon on a stunning pavé diamond ticker.

More recently, the bloom materialised in a highly feminine fine jewellery line aptly named Blossom, which featured dainty bracelets, rings and pendants crafted from hard stones such as tiger’s eye, carnelian and white or grey mother-of-pearl.

Louis Vuitton now takes the Blossom bijoux range to the next level with the unveiling of an even more exquisite second chapter: high jewellery. There are a total of seven spectacular necklaces and more than 60 rings, bracelets and earrings, all of which depict the monogram flower through opulent arrangements of vividly coloured gemstones.

These span from a 53.01ct black opal and a 43.05ct beryl to an impressive 29.75ct tsavorite garnet uncovered from a newly discovered mine in Merelani, Tanzania. And for a more visually impactful finish, contrasting hues and textures are paired – crystalline with opaque, for instance.

What’s so appealing about Louis Vuitton’s new Blossom high jewellery collection is that the house has not attempted to reimagine the flower in highly stylised guises, but instead has embraced its simple, graphic lines in their purest and most elegant forms.

This story first appeared in L’Officiel Singapore’s December/January 2017 issue with the title “Bloom Town”.

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