Looking East: Boucheron Reflet Watch

Thanks to its many fascinating ties with India, Boucheron has no lack of design ideas for two new Reflet models this year.

By Kenny Loh
Thu, 30 Jun 2016


Unlikely as it may sound, Boucheron and India go way back. In 1909, Louis Boucheron, son of the Parisian label’s founder Frédéric, embarked on his first adventure to the South Asian country to bring home the Kashmir cabochon sapphire, an opulent gem which would become a hallmark of the famed jeweller.

Later in 1928, the Maharajah of Patiala would arrive in Paris escorted by servants carrying six boxes filled to the brim with precious stones – including 7,571 diamonds and 1,432 emeralds – and he would commission Boucheron to create, using these stones, 149 lavish sets of jewellery in a special order remembered as “the most extraordinary ever seen at Place Vendôme”. The brand’s magnificent 105-piece high jewellery collection, Bleu de Jodhpur, which was unveiled last year, also zeroes in on India as inspiration.


“India has always been an important concept in Boucheron’s creative history with its rich and vibrant heritage, the architecture of its palaces and the colours of its towns and cities,” says creative director Claire Choisne. “Over the years there have been other links between Boucheron and India. For example, the peacock feather is one of our emblematic designs, while the peacock is the national bird of India,” she adds.

Continuing from where it left off last year, the label now returns to deliver a sequel to the impressive Bleu de Jodhpur collection with new guises for the Reflet watch. There are only two, but each is big on impact. One, in a deep, alluring shade of blue, embraces the ubiquitous cerulean hue of the Blue City of Jodhpur on an aventurine glass dial; the other, in white, elegantly captures the grandeur of the Taj Mahal on a fine layer of marble which forms the dial.

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