L’Officiel Loves: Delfina Delettrez for Fendi Furrytale Collection

By Ridhwan Sesapar
Thu, 19 Jun 2014

Forget about the charming bag bugs for a moment. Fendi made the most of family talent when they invited Delfina Delettrez Fendi, the cult gem-genius (and member of the fourth generation in the Fendi matriarchy) to create exclusive jewellery line for Spring 2014, available in stores now.

The result is a collection imbued with her iconic offbeat, surrealist style – ear cuffs, rings and bracelets festooned with detachable puffs of mink fur and feathers. Delettrez Fendi’s penchant for Art Deco is evident in each piece, and so is her playful subversiveness: most of the baubles feature white pearls as irises and pavé crystals that mimic abstract eyelashes.

It’s the decadent touches of fur, feather, and crystals (and how they mix with the otherwise sparse Futurist shapes of the jewellery itself) that make this collection feel uniquely Fendi. This talisman-style bijouterie is a perfect way to celebrate nearly ninety years of the luxury Italian house’s fashion dynasty.

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