It All Ties In: Fred 8°0 Bracelet

Fred is celebrating its big 80 with a new 8°0 bracelet that captures its founder’s passion for the seas.

By Kenny Loh
Tue, 25 Oct 2016
The 8°0 bracelet marks the 80th anniversary of Parisian jeweller Fred. Leather with yellow gold and optional diamonds.
The 8°0 also comes with pavé diamond buckles. Leather with white gold and diamonds.
Why the figure eight? Because it is a number associated with luck, Fred reveals.
Fred’s 8°0 bracelet comes with a buckle that’s shaped after a figure-of-eight sailing knot.

Fred Samuel loved the sun, the sand and, most of all, the sea. And the tales of his many adventures were told through the unique-looking bijou that he and his family dreamt up. In 1966, Samuel’s eldest son Henri, who was also an avid sailor, created a peculiar bracelet by braiding metal marine cables and securing them on both ends, like nautical ropes, to a precious gold buckle. He gave that bracelet to his wife and later named it the Force 10. As no other jeweller had done anything similar at that time, the Force 10 was hailed as incredibly fresh in design and has since remained one of the Parisian jeweller’s most desirable styles.

As an expansion of that very chapter, Fred is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year with a new bracelet named the 8°0. While it is inspired by the same nautical design codes as the Force 10, they are distinctly different in appearance. In place of the woven steel cable – a present-day Force 10 signature – is a soft, tubular leather band which is secured to a white, pink or yellow gold buckle shaped after a figure-of-eight sailing knot. Expect the navy-blue, black or brown leather bands of the 8°0 to develop a beautiful patina over time with wear.

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