Dior Tribale Savoir Faire

Whether lacquered, crystal-embellished or metalised, the iconic earring is the Maison's most versatile accessory.

By Vimi Haridasan
Fri, 08 Apr 2016


Dior is the master of crafting elegant and timeless pieces, the latest being tribal-inspired earrings. Introduced in 2013, the little baubles of precious metal or pearl surprised the fashion world with their ability to immediately elevate any ensemble. The pearl, featured in numerous forms, is one that was associated with Mitzah Bricard who was a muse to Christian Dior.

Designed to resemble the little bells of Lily-of-the-valley, the couturier’s good-luck flower is now immortalised and fashionable for every season. This year, Dior has introduced the Dior Tribale Savoir Faire, available in 13 new designs. Handcrafted and polished by gifted artisans, the earrings are far from just costume jewellery. The intricate process of crafting the baubles is what many would call a work of art and we agree wholeheartedly. To learn more about the making of Dior Tribale Savoir Faire, check out the video below.


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