Dior Homme’s Must-Have Winter Sneaker

Mon, 31 Aug 2015

Will there ever been an end to the amazing sport luxe sneakers that Dior churns out season after season? Judging from the latest release, that answer is probably far from a yes. As winter season approaches, Dior Homme introduces the next sneaker that the street style set will go probably go nuts over – the B17. Minimal with a design that is more casual than sporty, the B17 is made from matte calf leather and Dior Homme’s own brand of techno canvas. The shoelaces are mostly “camouflaged”, with whatever that is visible echoing and lying parallel to the stitching on the thick white rubber sole. Perhaps what’s most interesting about the B17 is the absence of stitching on the heel tab and counter, as though the heel was seamlessly crafted from one piece of fabric. The B17 is available in three colour combinations: burgundy and navy, gray and white and black and white.

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(Photo: Dior Homme)

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