Connected Wearables from Kate Spade New York

As 2016 comes to an end, it's time to set our resolutions for 2017 and get our purchase plans together. We've got Kate Spade New York tech on our list.

By Allysha Nila
Fri, 30 Dec 2016

Kate Spade Scallop Trackers

Kick off the new year strong with technology you can rely on. Kate Spade New York has a couple of wearable tech pieces due to launch in Singapore on February of next year. As always, the models are charming, easy to use and fun.

These will help you complete your goals, with style, of course. Some of ours include ‘engage in a healthy, mindful lifestyle without compromising chic’ and ‘invest in essential technology instead of being overwhelmed by lots of features’. Take your pick from two iPhone and Android-compatible models:


Metro Grand Hybrid Smartwatch ($429)

This one’s cheeky. Not only does the watch come in two blush-toned schemes, it’s got tongue-in-cheek features. The champagne window at 6 o clock works as a countdown to your designated date of celebration. It would have been perfect if we could get our hands on this thing before 2017 — but hey, there’s plenty of occasion for the entire year. Aside from delivering notifications from your phone, it can control your music apps, take selfies, track your activity and much-needed beauty sleep.


Scallop Tracker ($219)

Hate charging your tracker? These are battery operated, so there’s no fuss (you still have to replace them if they die out, though). Other than that, it works similarly with any other wearable tech. We do have to say: we’re in love with the cat ears. There are so few brands out there having this much fun with design. We’re also happy that the colours aren’t crazy!

Both watches will be available exclusively at the Kate Spade New York The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands store.

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