Chanel Opens One-of-a-Kind Beauty Salon in Paris

By Candice Chua
Wed, 09 Dec 2015

Chanel fanatics, you now have another way to further your obsession. The famed French house has officially opened its doors to its beauty-dedicated salon in the Marais district in Paris, the first in the area. Chanel’s signature logo and all-white entrance fronts the store, but that’s where the classic Chanel codes end. It is in one of Paris’ most hipster districts, after all. Instead of the usual posh interiors one comes to expect with Chanel, the Marais boutique features old-school floor tiles, graffiti, exposed pipes and rough concrete walls. Think more Lush and less Chanel. It’s rather uncharacteristic, but we’re liking how it contrast the uber-polished products. In a bid to keep things fresh and unexpected, Chanel plans to change the interiors every five to six weeks with the current theme being red to suit the festive spirit.

As expected, much of the products skew towards the Chanel’s fragrances, makeup and skincare lines, but a bit of the space is shared with limited edition products – particularly those sold only in Asia – as well as paintings and books.

The 72-square-metre salon is located on 40 rue des Francs-Bourgeois, close to L’Hotel Herouet. It isn’t the Chanel spa like we hoped, but it’ll do for the time being. If you’re headed to Paris this December, this is one beauty stop you cannot miss.





(Photos: Chanel via L’Officiel Paris)