8 Fashion and Beauty Films to Watch Now

We've got brands like Prada, Moncler, Burberry, Saint Laurent working with names like David O.Russell, Spike Jonze, Spike Lee, Wes Anderson in what's turning out to be a great season for fashion films. Here, we choose 8 of our favourites.

By Gordon Ng
Fri, 02 Dec 2016

If ever there were proof that fashion films are having a moment, consider that this month alone has seen the release of a David O.Russell film for Prada, a Spike Lee film for Moncler, and an Asif Kapadia one for Burberry. There are many others, some festive, most creatively indulgent – but they all make for great viewing. Here’s a quick roundup of the ones we’ve been watching:

“Past Forward” by David O. Russell and Prada

In a nutshell:

The short film collaboration between Miuccia Prada and director David O.Russell is mercifully full of brand preening. Yes, there are gorgeous Galleria bags in the mix, but consider this an exercise in artistic exploration. Three women (Allison Williams, Freida Pinto and Kuoth Wiel) and three men (John Krasinski, Jack Huston, Sinqua Walls) face off anonymous chasers (Connie Britton and Paula Patton) in a dream-like sequence of inexplicably thrilling events. There’s a great ballroom dance scene (remember Silver Linings Playbook?) and an eerily mouth-less Sacha Baron Cohen.

“The Tale of Thomas Burberry” by Asif Kapadia and Burberry

In a nutshell:

There’s a frame in this quasi-trailer to a begging-to-be-made film where Thomas Burberry, eponymous founder of the British luxury brand played by Domhnall Gleeson, runs water down his newly invented gabardine fabric. Because – as we all now know – it’s waterproof, it slides right off. Cut to scenes of the first world war and Burberry’s contribution to the efforts by supplying heavy-duty trench coats. Sienna Miller plays Burberry’s first love and Lily James – our October 2016 issue’s cover girl – the pilot Betty Kirby Green who famously flew the first flight London to Cape Town. There’s the period romanticism and the star power of its cast, but most of all the Tale of Thomas Burberry takes you right into the footsteps of the founding father of the 160-year old brand.

“Brave” by Spike Lee for Moncler

In a nutshell:

To celebrate the opening of Moncler’s first New York City flagship on Madison Avenue, the French-Italian purveyors of puffer jackets made tributes to the Big Apple. Most interesting is the contribution by Spike Lee for the brand. The film opens with Spike Lee’s recitation of “The New Colossus” by the American poet Emma Lazarus over a growing ska beat. This is the sonnet inscribed on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, a declaration of welcome to the immigrants that form the backbone of NYC’s cosmopolitan makeup. Soon, song and moving image blow into full tribute with the chorus ringing “brave, suffering, beautiful” while basking in the heat of a summery August day and the varied peoples of this cityscape.

“Come Together” by Wes Anderson for H&M

In a nutshell:

It’s a Wes Anderson short starring Adrien Brody. Enough said, right? But seriously, Anderson bring some serious seasonal heartwarming charm that sees Brody as a conductor down on his luck bearing the news that the train his passengers are on will be delayed – thereby stalling everyone’s holiday plans. With some quirk and the ineffable low-key comic timing of the director, the crew and passengers put on their Christmas hats and put up a tree for whom the magic of the season seems most important: a single child passenger travelling alone. Cue awws.

“#YSL04 by Anthony Vaccarrello” by Nathalie Canguilhem

In a nutshell:

Freja Beha does a voice over of a sultry and moody scene where beautiful people kiss beautiful people. Naturally, they’re all decked out in Anthony Vaccarello’s debut Saint Laurent SS17 collection. The moodiness is great, and so are the accessories on show. That “YSL”-heeled shoe? The split “YSL” earrings? Hedi Slimane might just have a heart attack.

“Tod’s Circus” by Dante Ferretti for Tod’s

In a nutshell:

For a bit of lighthearted fun, enter the circus of Dante Ferretti, famed Academy Award-winning Art Director and partner to Federico Fellini. Fellini is, in this case, the inspiration behind the #todscircus, which will form the backdrop sets for the Italian brand’s holiday windows in Madison Avenue.

“The Gift Workshop” by Louis Vuitton

In a nutshell:

We’re past the age of pining for Santa, but if we had our way we’d want the saffron and blue of Vuitton boxes sliding down the chimney. This cute animated short from the French house puts you in a magical land of revolving wallets, hold-alls, duffles, briefcases, and takes you through the path of a Capucines bag. It sidles past the brand’s new fragrances, slides under key chains, gets picked up by some shoes then slid into a paper bag.

“Kenzo World” by Spike Jonze

In a nutshell:

Carol Lim and Humberto Leon of Kenzo called upon the witty smarts of Spike Jonze to direct the accompanying film to the brand’s latest fragrance release. Kenzo World, by virtue of the film, is an exciting liberation of femininity, to do wild and dance like no one’s watching. Margaret Qualley’s eyes roll, her hands jerk and swing with abandon, and she springs along the halls of a stuffy bourgeois venue shooting lasers into the walls all to the tune of an original track by Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums feat. Assassin titled “Mutant Brain”. It sounds crazy and it is, but it’s loads of fun. Just try not to actually dance like this.

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